Sunday, 25 October 2015

Continuing Diorama - 2

So after a brief trip away for work, it was back to work on the diorama.  
- Tracks rumbling through Sturminster
The final batch of decals have arrived while I was away , so now all three tanks, the Scammell and the Bofor’s are correctly marked for the 7th Armoured Division.
- Positioned
They have received a coat of dullcoat and now just need some weathering.  And the barrel needs to be fitted to the Churchill!
- Wheres the grass?
Back to the diorama board itself, it was a matter of building up some layers of base textures and then commence adding the scenic materials.  First up was the ground texture, especially around the ramp area and the Bofor’s gun position.  Next will be some static grass and finally the ballasting of the track.

- Wagons please
Researching some picture of anti-aircraft positions, the guns had some form of protection.  In most cases, the humble sand-bag.  So sand-bag making commenced.  These are just strips of air-dried clay, cut to shape and then glued into position.  Once dry they will get painted a nice shade of hessian/dirt. 
- Sandbag production.
At some stage, I will need to get on with finishing the wagons.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Diorama continuing

Work continues in the diorama and some other new projects.
- Ready for scenicing
Whilst looking for the hot glue for Mrs Noswal, I came across a ½ open roll of medical plaster bandage, so I was able to finish of the surface texturing.  Once the plaster was laid I applied some randomly cut-up sheets of tissue paper.  This was then run-over by an old matchbox ½-track, which left some suitable wheels ruts.  This was followed by a base colour of paint, and left to dry

- Time for weathering

I’m quite happy with the Scammell, and now just need to weather it.  I’m still a bit undecided as to whether I will deploy the 40mm Bofors on the high ground, that will have to wait and see.

- To keep or lose the Bofors?

On new project front, I came across some S&DJR 5 plank wagons bodies on Shapeways.  They are in 2mm (1/152) and will suit me fine and add bit more variety to the rolling stock at Sturminster.  They printed quite well and just need a through clean-up.  They require a 2FS chassis, which can be knocked-up fairly quickly.

- Nice little rake

Meanwhile, junior modeller turned the big 1 on Saturday.  Take note of her reading material!
- Yes, it hurts when she runs over your toes!