Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sturminster - Toowoomba Model TrainShow

Well, the 1st exhibition is done and dusted.  A 300km round trip, 2 compete days of running, good friends, great atmosphere and some cleansing ales.  Was it worth it?  Of course it was.

 - The layouts joined, over 10m of frontage
I won’t say it was a panic to get it finished, but as the deadline for departure approach, more and more of the minor things were not crossed off the list.  These can now be competed at a more leisurely manner.
 - Stur frontage
A majority of the feedback was very positive with many wanting info on the techniques used and type of materials and products used.  What little negativity I did get was either about the layout height, 1.2m to baseboard, of that the station and yards were hidden by the trees.  I’m sorry if your child can’t see, but you’ve got tow arms, pick them up.  It’s my layout, built for my enjoyment and comfort.  As for the foliage, I’m trying to depict a particular place and there are trees there.
 - Looking into the yards
 - More yards
- Away from yards
Running wise, we didn’t stick to a set schedule.  We had a selection over 30 made up trains and they ran as we saw fit.  The odd wagon or three continued to de-rail or uncouple, so it was 3 strikes and they were off!  For locos, my new Black 5’s continue to throw traction tyres.  We discovered this last year, and I was advised to get some bullfrog snot, which I did.  It just that I haven’t applied it yet!
 - Behind the scenes
 - Round the back
Will I do it again?  Most likely, we even got an invitation to attend the Gold Coast exhibition in July (just need to discuss with Mrs Noswal).
 - Raising steam 
 - Busy
- Whoops

Monday, 25 May 2015

Sturminster Newton - 1st Exhibition

Sturminster Newtons debut is only days away.  While never finished, it’s come along away in past couple of months.  After tonite I’m putting a halt to fiddling and scenicing and the next few nights will be cleaning tracks and prepping rolling stock.

 - Market Day
- Now to set the scene

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Sturminster Newton - Landscaping - part 7

So, it’s only two weeks until Sturminster is exhibited for the first time.  So much to do and so little time.  As usual work has again interrupted my modelling time! With a majority of the big ticket items done, it’s now down to all the fiddly bits. 

- Getting there, slowly

The surface within the yards area was always a concern.  All reference photos indicated that the surface was at rail level.  My initial plan was to use clay, but after my experiments with the roads, I was concerned that the large area to be covered will be susceptible to damage during transit.  Some further thought and discussions led to me using some 2mm thick card, cut to fit and ballasted along the edges.  Once in place I gave it a couple of coats Tamiya surface paint. 
- Yards road surface
Fencing has continued, on the down platform, around the creamery, and the station road.  Further trees have been added, with still more required.  Some signals have been added (non-working – sorry to disappoint) and I’m awaiting a visit from a signalling expert to give me some corrections.
Construction of the main goods shed and feed store are still underway, so a temporary fix of a ready-to-plonk Lyddle End goods shed and a Ratio timber merchants will be gap filers for the time being.
- Night and day
With the weather permitting, I got around to painting the PVC pipe holding the LED lights and also the front fascia.  While I’m happy with the LEDs, I did jump in to  them pretty quickly.  Further research would of told me that a variety of brightness and colours are available.  I tend think that mine are a bit too white.  Now that I’ve painted the tubing, I can see a blue tinge.  A future upgrade may see me replace them with a more “yellowish” shade.

 -  View from Butts Pond

- Stationside