Saturday, 12 March 2016

House Move

Excuses are plentiful and everyone uses them.  Mine, for the lack of posts over the past four months is house ownership.  The Noswal’s finally started along the good old Australian dream, owning your own home.  So we’ve got it all now, two kids, a dog and a mortgage!
 - the new shed, room for 2 cars, but really its for the layout, workshop and potential mancave.
Sturminster now has a new home, in a 6m x6m garage.  This is a nice fit, as you can now walk around the layout on three sides, and still have room to swing a cat.  There is a distinct lack voltage to the shed, but it’s only a matter of running a 30m power lead from the house to add some spark.
- the inside, still requires some work, especially more dropsheets to prevent the gecko dropping.
Our local N gauge/2mm group celebrated our 50th meeting yesterday, Sat 12 Mar 16.  I haven’t been to all the meetings, distance and work have prevented that, but I’ve found them to be very informative and much useful knowledge has been shared and gained.  It’s also been very helpful for making collective purchases from the likes of 2mm society and shapeways etc, as it reduces the postage fees.

As mentioned last year, we were set a diorama challenge, to be completed by Dec.  Life got in the way for some of us, and deadline was pushed back the 50th meeting.  The results were very impressive.
 - Don's Poyle for Stanwell Moor Halt
- Poyle
 - Kevin's Nuclear flask loading
- Nuclear, with home made 3d printed bits!

- Barb's Cirencester
 - My somewhere in England dio.
- Most happy with this piece of kit.

Now that this challenge is over, I'm now been tasked with coming up with the next challenge and its associated rules.  This time I erring towards a scratch-built wagon, but I still need to investigate further.
- Maybe something like this?

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